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This week's suggestion is HOLIDAY SONG OF YOUR CHOICE.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

December 2013 - Las Vegas NV

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Monday Mural

I'm linking up at Monday Mural hosted by Oakland Daily Photo.

December 2014 - Las Cruces NM 

Week 1 - Las Vegas

December 13 - 19 2014

We arrived on the 13th late in the day after driving from Tucson AZ where we had spent two nights. It was already dark and we were pleased that we had already done our groceries.

After checking into the Wyndham Grand Desert, a timeshare and fighting off the sales pitches to attend an "update" we were able to put our feet up.
Dinner was salad, kale, brussel sprouts and lots more vegetables.

Sunday was football! I had already been warned by John that he was not moving and since he had driven for the last nine days I couldn't blame him. I had thought I would go shopping but instead also vegged for the day.  I made a hamburger stew for dinner.

Monday we were lazy and went to check out Fry's Electronics store. Stopped into Whole Foods to pick up a couple items. We had leftover stew with salad for dinner.

Tuesday we had plans and were salivating over having pizza at Caesar's Palace in their food court. We took the free shuttle to Harrah's and then strolled around, getting lost (as usual) in Caesar's looking for the food court. Finally we found it and it was closed up for renovations. What was one to do but head to Gordon Ramsey's Pub and Grill, always a favourite of ours.

We then went to visit the Bellagio Conservatory. More on that in another post.

Over to Flamingo's and checked out the wild life as John had not been here before.

For dinner we had pork chops, mashed sweet potato and carrots and braised brussel sprouts.

Wednesday we had leftovers for lunch and then headed to the Palms Casino and the Brenden Theaters to see The Hobbit Battle of the Five Armies along with pop corn. The movie was very entertaining. Movie ticket prices are lower than at home only $7 each.

We needed some groceries so we headed to Smith's and picked up ingredients for chicken divan, a request of John's and a great way to use up the broccoli we had bought. I found chicken breasts reduced for quick sale at $4 and it was plenty.

Thursday we decided to go to the JFK exhibit at Tropicana. Disappointing.

Dinner was salmon with kale salad.

Friday we took the shuttle and strolled along the Strip. We stopped into Wynn's in anticipation of their Christmas display but they had used the same decorations as last year.

Then we went to see the opening of Night at the Museum Secret of the Tomb - very, very enjoyable.

Then we went to Gold Coast TGIF for dinner. We hadn't been there since winter 2012-2013, when it was our weekly hangout. Steak and shrimp for John and lobster tails for me!

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inSPIREd Sunday

December 2014 - Old Tucson Studios NM

A tongue in cheek look at a "church" at the Old Tucson Studios.
I posted detailed post of Old Tucson here.

The Crooked Creek Chapel was built after the fire for a movie that needed a more modern church.

These coffins kind of weirded me out.

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Weekend Cooking

Weekend Cooking hosted by

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December 2014 - Mesilla NM

Click here for more photos of this pretty town.
Needless to say we left with some goodies!

Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday

So here we are, at the end of the fifth year of Sepia Saturday, still going strong, still going sepia. Tradition dictates that we slow things down a little over the festive season with a single call covering both Christmas and New Year. And tradition dictates that it is a festive prompt. So here it is - families, festivities, trees, candles and wine. The image comes from the Flickr stream of the Archives of the Royal Family of Denmark. All you have to do is to post an old image linked to this seasonal theme (or not if you are a Sepia Scrooge) sometime over the festive season and link it to the list below. And don't forget to keep coming back to check out the updated links to the Christmas Linky List.

December 1957 - Montreal QC
This was our first Christmas in Canada. Dad had arrived in July and Mom, my sister and I came in September. We were staying with my aunt and uncle who had come over from Dublin in June.
My aunt and uncle had a rented apartment on Durocher St.

Next week I am posting a photo of the same day, later in the evening when we had some guests over.

Christmas morning - Aunty Nell in green and my sister and I opening gifts. It looks like we were spoiled as usual.
From what I can see we each received cribs for our dolls, I have a doll in the background and a stroller. Ursula got the toy piano.
I wonder what Ursula is looking at???

I love Aunty Nell's dress!